QuarkChaser Music

Electronic Music and Experimental Sound Design

Website Underway

The QuarkChaser Music website is coming together. So far I am pleased with the direction it's taking. I've always wanted to showcase my talent for songwriting, composition, and sound design in a coherent and aesthetically pleasing way. I've written so much over the years, I'm ecstatic to have a single home for everything. Now it's a matter of "what do I put where and how?"

My wife Audra has been invaluable to me with putting this all together. My nature is to always keep writing new material and experimenting, and she's really been able to help me stop for a moment and explain what I'm doing to the world. 

That's it for now. As of this post I have a few more days left on my vacation from work, and I plan to spend it mixing and mastering a few more tunes to add to the site.