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About CoS #24

This began as an experiment with a drum loop and a multiband filter and waveshaping tool to get a crazy abstracted groove. Then I needed a solid kick, but one with extra punch at the accents, which I achieved with some beefy overdrive automation.

Once the rhythm was set, I wanted some kind of harmonic movement and a lush chord progression. A well chosen minor 11 chord told me everything I needed to know about how to continue on into this piece. Sometimes it takes a while to find out where I'm going, but not this time. The sound was big and bad, so I put on my best Donald Fagen suit and went for the dance.

Two synth melodies quickly took shape, the second being an addendum to the first, as if to say "Yeah, that's what I said". The bass line is simple in this tune. Just the bottom end, and lots of it. I brought in the piano for use as an Ostinato, but instead it became a little melodic movement of it's own. Quite often in my music, elements end up being different from what they were first intended to be. I embrace this, and I go with it.

On with the flurry of contoured waveforms in that drum loop, accented in places by natural drum kit voices for a sense of contrast between the two worlds. The piece continues into some theme variation and a few cool little experiments. 

This one was released sooner than I had anticipated due to a file error that rendered any further editing impossible for now. Luckily, I was pleased with the direction it had gone. The mixing was clear enough for publication. I'm proud of it.

 "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" - Laurie Anderson